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Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays

Over the years, many community members have helped bring holiday joy to Community Works families by deciding to Adopt-A-Family for the holidays. We invite you to join this group of very special people, by agreeing to help a family transition from despair to hope.  This year we plan to bring happiness to 40 families, with your help. To share the joy of giving as an Adopt-A-Family donor, please complete the form below or contact Christine Leusch at cleusch@community-works.org or call her at 541-779-2393 ext. 228.

Select the size of family you want to help. Once you sign up we will contact you with details about your family, their ages, genders and wish list (names will be changed but you will learn about the family and their struggles). You can purchase gifts and wrap them for a special surprise.

Return Sign-Up form by November 5, 2015 – Download Sign-Up Form

Family assignment will be emailed to you by November 12, 2015

Deliver donations by December 16, 2015


  • Thank you for giving me a place to grieve, a place to heal, and a place to begin to conceive of a new life. I came here a piece of human wreckage, and now I know I am a person not just defined by my damage, but by my hope, faith and love. I am forever grateful to you all.

    Anonymous Client | Dunn House Shelter

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