Q: Does Community Works accept in-kind gifts, gifts that are not cash, such as clothing, household items, or furniture?

Yes we accept new and gently used gifts of clothing and household goods to help our clients build new lives. Community Works also partners with Goodwill. Goodwill gives Community Works vouchers for our clients to go shopping for free!  In return we send all of our extra In-Kind contributions to Goodwill.

Q: Does Community Works have an estate or planned giving procedure?

We are pleased to provide information on planned giving options. Contact our office at 541-779-2393-ext. 200.

Q: How do I make a contribution to Community Works?

We accept any cash, check, credit card and payroll deduction contributions to support the work of our organization. You may make a donation on line on the donation page. For information on gifts of securities, real property and other appreciated assets please contact our office at 541-779-2393 ext 200.

Q: Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax deductible. You will receive a thank you letter for all donations listing our tax ID number for tax purposes. When you make an in-kind contribution you will be given a in-kind contribution form. After filling out this form a letter will be sent to you for your tax records.  If you don’t put a value on your donation it cannot be used as a tax deduction.

Q: Suppose I want to designate my gift to a particular program or service?

You may specify which program you would most like your donation to go to. Unrestricted gifts allow Community Works maximum flexibility in allocating resources where they are most needed. These decisions are made by the senior executive staff and the Board of Directors. However, we are pleased to direct 100% of your gift to the particular program you wish to designate.