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Community Works is here to offer support, encouragement, and advocacy, every hour of every day.  We are here for anyone who has experienced domestic or sexual violence. Community Works advocates are available by phone and in-person to provide support and advocacy. All services are free and confidential.

Community Works’ Dunn House Shelter provides a safe refuge and support to women, children, and men who need to escape from domestic or sexual abuse. Immediate needs for safety, clothing, food and transportation are provided. Dunn House offers support groups for adults and children as well as help taking the next steps for a life free from violence.

Our Transitional Living Program provides safe and stable housing for up to 24 months, while young adults continue their education, work, set, and achieve goals, save money and gain valuable life skills. This Transitional Living Program is also open to those who have children of their own. Case Managers are there to support every step of the way as residents build their own paths to success.

Community Works’ advocates are available in the community to help where and when people need it.  Advocates are available at Jackson County Court, Medford Police, Central Point Police, and Jackson County Sheriff’s Departments.  Advocates are available day and night to accompany survivors of sexual assault to the hospital or police station, where they can offer emotional support and information regarding medical care and the legal process.

Community Works is here to help parents. If you have child welfare involvement due to concerns of domestic violence, a Community Works advocate is available. An advocate is also located at Children’s Advocacy Center to support children and families who have experienced abuse. Support groups are also held weekly for children.

Community Works is available every hour of every day through HelpLine at (541)779-4357 (HELP).

You are not alone; Community Works is here for you.

  • Emotional abuse is a tool used by those who want to make their partners feel scared, crazy, worthless, or responsible for the abuse. The abuser’s goal is control over the victim.

    Does the person you love….

    • Make jokes about you in public?
    • Insult you?
    • Criticize your ability to do things?
    • Ignore your feelings?
    • Blame you for all problems?
    • Yell at you?
    • Call you crazy?
    • Humiliate you in front of others?
    • Threaten to take your children away?
    • Accuse you of being the abusive person?
    • Threaten suicide to punish you?
    • Threaten physical violence?

    You are not alone.
    Community Works is here every hour of every day on HelpLine at (541) 779-4357.

  • Abusers often attempt to establish financial control because people who are financially dependent on abusers have fewer resources for escape.

    Does the person you love….

    • Make all financial decisions for the household?
    • Keep financial secrets?
    • Monitor your spending?
    • Control your access to cash, checkbook or credit cards?
    • Refuse to let you work?
    • Force you to turn over income?

    You are not alone.
    Community Works is here every hour of every day on HelpLine at (541) 779-4357.

  • Physical abuse often begins with less violent assaults such as pushing. As the abuse continues, however, it becomes increasingly violent. Abusers often target areas of the body that are usually covered with clothing because the injuries are less likely to be visible to others.

    Has the person you loved ever….

    • Pushed you?
    • Thrown objects at you?
    • Physically kept you from leaving a room?
    • Shaken you?
    • Slapped you?
    • Punched or beaten you?
    • Used or threatened to use a weapon on you?
    • Strangled you? (This is sometimes called “choking,” when someone uses his/her hands or another object to keep you from breathing. It is a very dangerous form of abuse.)

    You are not alone.
    Community Works is here every hour of every day on HelpLine at (541) 779-4357.

  • Sexual abuse is one of the least discussed but most common forms of domestic violence.

    Does the person you love….

    • Make sexual jokes that make you uncomfortable?
    • Treat you as a sex object?
    • Criticize your sexuality?
    • Use jealousy for control?
    • Withhold sex as punishment?
    • Demand sex whether or not it is wanted?
    • Flaunt affairs with other people?
    • Force sex?

    You are not alone.
    Community Works is here every hour of every day on HelpLine at (541) 779-4357.

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