Lithia Springs Residence Program

Lithia Springs Residential Treatment

is a long-term community-based treatment program for youth offenders. A dedicated group of treatment professionals provide a diverse array of integrated services to meet the needs of each individual. The program approach is a behavioral rehabilitation model that provides a diverse array of integrated services. The length of the residential program is approximately 9-12 months.

The Lithia Springs residence program provides structured group living in residential treatment or treatment foster care (boys only). Individual counseling, group counseling, alcohol and drug treatment services, skills training, educational programming, vocational programming, mental health services (individual, group and family therapy), a recreational program and a transition/aftercare program are provided. Youth are expected to complete the level system successfully, make progress on their treatment goals, reduce or eliminate mental health symptoms, complete educational program goals and meet vocational expectations while remaining clean and sober. Youth are prepared to reintegrate with their family at graduation or for independent living in their community as appropriate.

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