Youth & Family Counseling Services

The counseling program is dedicated to the empowerment, respect, safety, and trust of our clients through education, advocacy, support, and clinical intervention. Treatment approaches reinforce the skills and strengths of individuals and families and emphasize personal growth, development and situational change.

Treatment approaches are based on a belief in the inherent worth and dignity of each person; in the importance of developing self awareness and continuing personal growth throughout the lifespan; in the need to enhance skills in self expression, self management, and interpersonal relations; and in the need to understand and experience diversity across cultures and subcultures.

Program services are designed to assist people in managing their lives more effectively, and achieving greater satisfaction within themselves, their relationships, and their community.

Services Available:

Assessment and Treatment/Goal Planning Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Family Therapy
Consultation with other professionals (Doctors, Teachers, Therapists, Juvenile Department, etc.)
Case Management Services (Connecting you with community resources)