Jessica Cleeton

Jessica Cleeton works as a Commercial Account Manager at Durham & Bates Insurance Agency.  She has been a Jackson County resident since 2010 but had previously lived in Jackson County from 2001-2004 while attending Southern Oregon University.  Originally from the Coast of Oregon she moved to Southern California for a short period of time after school.  Missing the beautiful scenery, she moved back to Oregon in 2007.

Jessica and her husband David love the outdoors and spend their time hiking, kayaking, fishing, and relaxing on the Oregon Coast. While David is not a runner, he supports his wife’s many adventures running all over Oregon.  Jessica has been an avid runner since the young age of 9 running her first 10k.

Jessica has joined Community Works because she believes that they are a valuable resource to the Community and without their help many people might not have any other options to turn to.  During her small stint in California she volunteered for a similar Organization and believes every Community should have access to support services.