Laura Ross, Housing Services Manager

As the Housing Services Manager, Laura’s role goes beyond supporting housing searches. With over five years of dedication to advocating for our Dunn House residents, she has garnered a deep understanding of the significance of a healthy home and the challenges involved in obtaining and maintaining one.

Survivors face immediate challenges such as healing and learning from their situations, swiftly transitioning to the necessity of finding a home of their own. Laura’s insight into this dynamic serves as her inspiration to oversee our transitional housing programs at Community Works. The Transitional Living Program (TLP) accommodates homeless young people, while Mary’s Haven houses adults and their children, offering longer-term solutions for survivors. She takes immense satisfaction in delivering life skills lessons, leading support groups, and fostering a sense of community within these programs.

Through her advocacy experiences, Laura has learned the vital importance of seeking assistance, establishing a support system, and nurturing hope. She considers it an honor to collaborate with an exceptional team of housing advocates, contributing to their impactful work and achievements.

Relocating to Oregon from Illinois in 2017 to spend time with family on the West Coast, Laura passionately immerses herself in the diverse offerings of our community, including music, plays, and restaurants. Exploring the region’s coastline and creating cherished memories with family members are among her favorite pastimes.