Sonja Herbold, Dunn House Program Manager

Sonja Herbold, Dunn House Program Manager, was born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Southern Oregon. As a mother of three and a bonus mom to four more, Sonja treasures family time as a core value close to her heart.

Over the past 16 years, Sonja has dedicated herself to honing advocacy skills while overseeing various home-visiting programs focused on preventing child abuse. As a vocal and proud survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she offers a unique perspective, deeply understanding the profound and lasting impacts of intimate partner violence.

“I feel deeply honored to be part of the invaluable services offered by Community Works. This work is about instigating social change. By collectively raising our voices to challenge societal norms that permit and endorse violence, we reshape the fabric of society and its institutions. Our aim is to target attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, environments, and policies, eliminating those that contribute to violence.”

As an eternal student, Sonja’s educational background in sociology has fortified her understanding of systems of oppression and effective strategies for creating positive change.

During her free time, Sonja can be found rafting, camping, and hiking along the Rogue River, organizing family game nights, tending to her yard, or enjoying quiet evenings at home with her husband Jeff and their poodle Gigi.