Helping a Friend Start By Believing.

Supporting a friend who may be experiencing domestic or sexual violence is hard. Let them know, it’s not their fault and that they are not alone. Be clear that you believe them and that you’ll walk with them on this new journey. Constantly reminding them, they are not alone!

The abuser may create barriers that make it difficult to connect with our loved ones and it may be hard to understand why someone would stay with someone who hurts them.

People experiencing domestic and sexual violence need the support of their loved ones. Often you’ll be the first one to know about the abuse, even before a call is made to us. Listen, believe, and be compassionate. Your relationship is vital to the survivors success.

Below are links to resources with additional information on how to help someone you love who is being abused.  HelpLine is also available to talk, every hour of every day at 541.779.4357 (HELP).

Recommended Reading – Click Link Below
Why Do Victims Stay? 

Recommended Book – Click Link Below
Why Does He Do That?

Other Community Resources

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