Doug Kosty, Finance Director

Doug joined Community Works as the Finance Director in 2023, bringing with him a deep-rooted connection to Montana as a fourth-generation native. Despite his love for Montana’s mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes, he traded that affection for the scenic landscapes of Oregon.

Previously, Doug served as the County Auditor of Gallatin County (Bozeman, MT), where he spearheaded the implementation of the county’s inaugural computerized budget, accounting, and reporting system. His responsibilities included reviewing financial statements for both the county and rural school districts. He later transitioned to the Montana Office of Public Instruction, where he meticulously collected, analyzed, and compiled financial data from over 400 school districts across the state. Subsequently, Doug was recruited by KPMG as a manager, leading the development and execution of web-based data collection and reporting systems for state and federal education agencies.

Around 20 years ago, Doug and his family relocated from Montana to the Willamette Valley. During this time, he served as an Assistant Superintendent for the Oregon Department of Education, overseeing the creation and implementation of student assessments, data collection, and reporting for over 12 years. In 2015, Doug and his wife Cindy settled in Southern Oregon, finding in it a familiar resonance of Montana minus the biting cold weather.”