Erin Martin-Fournier, Advocacy Services Director

Erin joined the Community Works team in 2018, initially serving as our Community Advocacy Manager. In 2022, recognizing her dedication and expertise, Erin was promoted to Advocacy Services Director. Her journey began amidst the snowy mountains of Montana, where she spent her formative years playing basketball and volleyball before discovering her passion for aiding individuals in crisis situations.

During her time at the University of Montana, pursuing studies in Gender Studies, Erin volunteered as a sexual assault resource for students. Post-graduation, her career path involved collaborating with childcare agencies until she and her family decided to relocate to Oregon in search of broader social service employment opportunities. Here, she swiftly immersed herself in a role dedicated to supporting families as they rebuilt their lives following severe trauma experiences.

“To me, it’s crucial that we offer unwavering support to survivors and accompany them on their journey. I firmly believe that trauma does not define us. Witnessing the resilience, worth, and exceptional problem-solving skills of survivors has always been incredibly fulfilling. I advocate for empowering survivors to find their voice, fostering a community of support and change. My goal is to inspire others to stand up and persevere because there’s always someone who believes in them.”

Beyond her commitment to making a difference, Erin enjoys hiking with her family, managing her Netflix queue, quoting Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and participating in the local Southern Oregon roller derby team, SO Derby.